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Holy Moly! Our expansion is really getting some attention.  If you go by the excitement it's creating I'm not sure we made it big enough.  Nevertheless, we're going to need a lot, and I mean a lot of really good people to fill all the jobs we're creating.
There's just one mandatory requirement with no exceptions... you must love working with people who love to be pampered while they're having a good time.  You might say we spoil our customers... but we just can't help ourselves.
Join the Wyandotte family of employees, fill out an application or call 918-678-6404...apply today! 
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You must be 21 for these positions  -  Deli Cashier * Bartender * Food Server * Beverage Server * Security * Environmental Service * Restaurant Hostess * IT * Maintenance * Group Sales * Casino Host
18 or older for these positions  -  Cage Cashier * Vault Cashier * Slot Attendant * Dealer * Surveillance * Cook * Deli Cook * Dishwasher * Valet

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